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Unitree OptiRover - Your Ultimate Smart Chat GPT4 Robot-Companion

$4,499.00 $4,999.00
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Unitree OptiRover - Your Ultimate Smart Chat GPT4 Robot-Companion

$4,499.00 $4,999.00
local_offer Save 10% local_offer Save 4% local_offer Save 8%
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Unitree OptiRover - Your Ultimate Smart Chat GPT4 Robot-Companion

OptiRover Unitree- Your Ultimate Robo-Companion for Smart Living, Super Sensing, and High-Speed Thrills

Say hello to the Unitree OptiRover - a groundbreaking robot that brings convenience and companionship to your life. Elevate your experience with the revolutionary SSS Super-sensing System and ISS Intelligent Concomitant System, creating a seamless and effortless connection between you and your new robot buddy. (Insert witty comment about how it's your new best friend.)

Supercharged Sensing: Unlock a new dimension of perception with the OptiRover. Its fisheye binocular depth sensing, boasting an expansive angle coverage of approximately 150 x 170 degrees, combined with fisheye AI sensing, gives you the vision and awareness you've never had before. It's like having 20 groups of Intel RealSense sensing angles at your disposal.

Intelligent Companion: Experience the future of human-robot interaction. With patented wireless vector positioning and control technology, the OptiRover stays comfortably within your lateral peripheral vision. No more traditional follow modes; it effortlessly navigates obstacles, offering safety and security. Choose simpler routes in challenging terrain.

Robust & Reliable: Engineered for perfection, the OptiRover's powertrain is robust, ultra-lightweight, and equipped with low-noise, long-life power joints. The patented heat pipe-assisted heat dissipation system in the knee joint ensures peak performance even in demanding situations.

Unparalleled Processing Power: The OptiRover boasts a 16-core top CPU + GPU with 384 cores, delivering a staggering 1.5 TFLOPS of computing power, leaving competitors like NVIDIA TX2 in the dust.

High-Speed Thrills: Experience record-breaking speeds of up to 4.7m/s (17km/h). While safety and stability limit the actual speed, it's still blazing fast.

OptiRover Go1 Pro - The Ultimate Package: For those who demand the best, the OptiRover Go1 Pro is the answer. Weighing just 12kg (with battery) and with a 5kg load capacity, it combines power and performance effortlessly. Its compact design, measuring 0.645m x 0.28m x 0.4m, sets a new standard.

Innovative Features: Enjoy a seamless following experience with the built-in wireless vector positioning system. See the world through your robo-companion's eyes with the app's top-view perspective and immersive robot simulation function. Plus, it can entertain with backflips, tap dancing, moonwalking, and standing on both legs.

Safety Guaranteed: Prioritizing safety, the OptiRover features an omnidirectional flexible buffer structure at the leg-body connection, ensuring it remains unharmed even if dropped from a height of 1.5 meters.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with a dynamic autonomous obstacle avoidance system, the OptiRover adapts to various terrains, providing a smooth and hazard-free journey.

Elevate your lifestyle with OptiRover - your smart, dynamic, and ever-reliable robotic companion. Please note that while the product's appearance and color may vary, its features and performance metrics remain consistent with this description. Experience the future today!

Features Summary:

  1. Super Sensing: 150x170 degree fisheye binocular depth sensing and AI technology.
  2. Intelligent Companion: Patented wireless vector positioning for natural interaction.
  3. Robust & Reliable: Ultra-lightweight, low-noise, long-life power joints.
  4. Unmatched Processing Power: 16-core CPU + GPU with 1.5 TFLOPS.
  5. High-Speed Thrills: Achieves 4.7m/s (17km/h) for an exhilarating experience.
  6. OptiRover Go1 Pro: Compact, powerful, and versatile.
  7. Safety First: Omnidirectional flexible buffer structure for impact absorption.



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